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Classes and Workshops

Boundaries for Empaths

Saturday, November 16th, 9am - 4pm

$55, Limited to 10 people

Held at Clear and Now Holistic Healing Center in Andover, MA

Do you find that you are constantly taking care of others? Are you very sensitive to the moods of those around you? There is no need for you to continue to feel drained and overwhelmed!


This class covers two main parts of managing empathy:
1) A conscious over-helping of others, often at the neglect of your own self care, and
2) Being unconsciously sensitive to the energy and emotions of people around you.


In this class, you will explore the deeper why's and how's of these two sides of being an empath, and learn how to manage your own sensitivity.
You will leave with some simple techniques for reining in your sensitivity, both in immediate situations as well as for long-term care.

Shamanic Solstice Celebration

Saturday, December 21st, 10am - 4pm

$55, Limited to 10 people


Held at Clear and Now Holistic Healing Center
in Andover, MA

The Winter Solstice marks the point in the year when our energy is furthest within. It marks a point of rest, of quiet, of inward focus.

Come explore the Shamanic World on this day of reflection and restoration. You will:

  • Learn to perform shamanic journeys

  • Meet your Power Animal

  • Discover the energy of the Winter Solstice

  • Learn what this turning point, and this coming season, has to offer you for your personal and spiritual growth

  • and more!

No experience with shamanism required to step into this class. All that you need is an open heart and mind​!

Walking the Shamanic Path Weekend Workshop

Connect with yourself and with Nature in a new, deeper way with shamanism!
In this interactive workshop, experience the shamanic world and gain insight in how it can help you balance out the pressures of today's modern world.

  • Discover how to journey

  • Learn about spirit guides, and meet your Power Animal

  • Connect with the Four Directions and the Four Elements

  • Learn shamanic tools and practices for connecting with the natural world

  • and more!

Leave with a sense of deeper connection with yourself and how you connect with the world